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"When GOD (HEB. to ENG.:  'LHYM,' that is, El-o-heem', The Supreme GOD), Strongs# 430, appeared to Moses at Mt. Horeb (EX. 3:1), HE proclaimed HIS Name as 'YHWH' (EX. 3:15), which means: The self-existent, or Eternal GOD, Strongs# 3068. This was to be HIS Name forever. The Great Commandment is: 'Hear O'Israel YHWH is our GOD, YHWH is one' (Deut. 6:4). The word 'YHWH' does not appear in our translations because the adversary has caused it to be changed.

The original Septuagint contained 'YHWH' but was later changed to 'KURIOS.' The Hebrew People, of today, say 'Adonae' instead of 'YHWH'.

The English translators wrote 'the lord' in place of GOD's name. No substistute, including the fraudulent pronunciation jehovah, is fit to be substituted for GODs HOLY NAME, YHWH.

Christ is the 'Reflection of GODs Shekinah' and 'exact representation of HIS actual Being' (HEB. 1:3). HE is 'The Expression (logos) of the GOD.' (REV. 19:13; see also John 1:1 and 1:14). HE is the REVEALED FORM of the INVISABLE GOD (Col. 1:15-20), the very WISDOM and POWER of the SPIRIT MADE VISIBLE (1Cor.1:24). 

The Spirit (for GOD is a Spirit, John 4: 24) chose Mary, a virgin to give birth to HIS SON. Paul said of this MAN: 'IN HIM DWELLS ALL THE FULLNESS OF DEITY BODILY' (Col. 2: 8-9). All of the Spirit is too vast to be condensed into one MAN, so HE placed HIS SHEKINAH (or glory or mind) within HIM. GOD's mind, or source of power, was centered in Christ, so that HE is the GOD of Abraham in Human Form. YHWH of the Old Covenant is HE whom Paul refers to as GOD: our Father, and Lord YASU Christ (Rom. 1:7; 1 Cor. 1:3; 2Cor. 1:2; Gal. 1:3)."
K. M. BEAN, Columbus, Ohio.

Editor Note
The Name "YASU" is of Hebrew origin; i.e. "yod-seen-waw", since there is no long "A" vowel point given in the Articulation of the Hebrew Language, the "tsay-ray'"(..) vowel-point would be used, as an "E" like in they, or obey, with the yod, and the seen would be pointed "S" not "SH", while the waw, would have a "shoo-rake" in it's bosom, to provide a long "U" or "OO" sound, thus rendering the pronunciation of "yod-seen-waw" as "yay-soo" i.e. YESU.

Editor Note
Pronounce "YHWH"--"YAHWEH"

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